A : Sectional garage doors : [ Single or Double ]

Overhead garage door opener.

R 2486 Retail - Save R1000/

R 3790 installed

                1) Gemini garage motor  

1) Gemini garage door motor [ Fast - for sectional garage doors ]

A : Roll up garage doors : [ Single ]

One option available from us :

1) Centurion garage door motor (RDO) [ Fast - for roll-up garage doors ]

                1) Centurion RDO  

R 2750 Retail - Save R900 /

R 3990 installed

This type of garage opener fits into the roll-up door,

so only the control panel is visible.


Repair Centre now open
Sales, New Installations & Repairs:
Bring your motor for repairs, a service or a complete overhaul, or if you prefer we can come and collect it on site, and re-install it after te repairs. 

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