Guarantee: An Electric fence that is correctly wired, is still the best warning system you can have.

An electric fence's main aim is not to shock, but to give an alarm if the perimeter is breached. The 10000Volts shock is just there so that intruders can't tamper with the fence in order to bypass it. We guarantee that nobody will be able to breach your perimeter, without sounding the alarm. 

Electric Fencing : [ Wall-Top & Free Standing ]

We are licensed electric fence contractors with very competitive prices. New installations or repairs to domestic -or- industrial sites, plots -or- farms. ( Big -or- Small ) . 


An electrical fence that is wired & installed correctly is still the best way to secure a property. It provides a physical barrier of 10,000 Volts, as well as a warning of a possible breach to the owner -or- armed response.

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JL Electric

69 Simon Bekker Dr.

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