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WhaT Does Front access Do ?


We do ENTRANCES.... First impressions last. Very often, first impressions are based on the entrance of a property.


Impressions may already have been formed, even before introductions, and still developers neglect entrances. Is it appealing or appalling? Is gaining access a hassle? Can visitors reach you on the intercom or do they have to hoot? Does the gate motor work, or is it just making strange noises? Do you need to run out to see who's there, or do you have cameras? Do you run around looking for the remote, or can you control the gate any number of ways?


Gates & Gate motors, Garage motors, Remotes, Infrared beams, Intrusion detection, Electric Fencing, Hi-speed gates, Positive Close, Sensitive edge, Auto-Close/Pirac/Condo/Automatic open on exit (Free Exits) Keypads/Cellphone or Sensor triggering. Garage motors/Intercoms/CCTV/Wireless tech. Solar solutions and  so much more.' 


Front Access's focus is on entrance automation, communication, observation and perimeter protection.. We automate gates for clients, install garage door motors, or electric fencing, but the core of our business is repairs and maintenance. As part of the entrance, we install wired/wireless/video intercoms, wired/wireless alarms, GSM solutions, Wi-fi enabled gate operators. Garage door repair, garage door openers, Free exit loops, infrared safety beams, remote synchronization.




  1. Because we are a small, owner-managed business, we can afford to take our time on projects.

  2. Because profit is not the only thing that matters to us, we'll take on projects that others wouldn't. When I first started out in my self-employed journey, I tried to do everything in my power to make my business succeed. Even though I had an established clientele, inherited from my Father's old business (JL Electric), It was tough out there, and making ends meet was a constant challenge. One day, my Father gave me the most valuable advice I've ever received. He told me that the reason for most of my problems in business, comes down to my core business values. He told me that my focus was on making a profit, where it should have been on helping my clients, and that if I changed my focus, the profit would come naturally. He was spot on, and things soon turned for the better.  

  3. We enjoy our work, and take pride in it.... a Huge part of that enjoyment comes from satisfying our customers needs and expectations, therefore we guarantee customer satisfaction, at reasonable prices.

  4. No job is too small for us.

  5. We give a 100% .We are used to high profile clients, that demand the best, but we give every client our best. a Business will never survive without client references, and in this day and age, "QOS" (Quality of Service) is in such high demand. We are truly committed to our projects and repairs.

  6. We never give up, and have yet to find a problem too challenging.

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